Jordan-Egypt 09.11.2008

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Desert Highway

Desert Highway

The drive on the “Desert Highway” from Petra to Aqaba where we caught the ferry to Egypt was awesome and a pleasure to drive. Going through passport-control and getting tickets for us and the bikes, basically going through the process of leaving Jordan, was stressful and frustrating. The guys there were most incompetent to put it lightly. (I will even go as far as to say that when it comes to incompetence they would make a good match  against our dear affirmitive-action friends we find behind nearly any desk in any official building in South-Africa.) And no-one could speak English or German or Afrikaans for that matter. After having to contain ourselves from committing man-slaughter we finally made it onto the ferry  which was apparently waiting only for us.

After an hour or so of relaxing on the ferry we arrived in Egypt where we went through the Egyptian customs etc. This is also a mega-process. We also have the two bikes that needs insurance and licencing and Egyptian numberplates and stamped carne, and the chasis nr needs to be varyfied and we also had to change money. Everything is done at a different desk at a different building, all indicated in Arabic writing. We were lucky enough to have a most competent officer who lead us through the procedure. After about 3 hours we were through. The officer also recommended us the place where we’re camping now. Driving here we didn’t expect anything special but we were so wrong in our expectations. I wont even try to describe it. See the pictures on my next post. (I cannot upload camp-pictures at moment)

So far our little trip are exceeding my expectations completely. We’ve had so many different impressions and experiences since our departure in Germany it’s just ridiculous. I am loving it.

Kind greetings. 

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Hi Gid&Chris - looks awesome!! Keep up the great work wrt your diaries – it’s really fantastic reading about all of your experiences.

Gideon, I’m sure you meant “ferry” and not “faerie” in your last post…? If not, I think we have cleared up why your fairy god-mother has been so good to you – keep up the good work!!!

Jannah Wessels

Jannah Wessels’s avatar

Ek kan net jul vrustasie imagine as die diens is soos hier by ons in SA…

Klink vir my sover het julle ‘n goeie maand agter die rug dit raak seker nou baie warm…

Julle het seker al lekke gewig verloor jul gesiggies lyk al skraler.

Jy het iets aan die einde vergeet Gideon…of is Bach iewers in ‘n sandtrap in die Arab-woestyn???
Baie jaloers - help nie my bsielk swottings vir more nie.
via con dios

Ag lekker! Lyk asof die pad lekker stil was. Hopelik raak julle gewoond aan die grensposse en dinge gaan vinniger! Ek wou nog vra. Hoe is die tyres op die teerpad? Anders as gladde tyres? Ek sien ook jy het ‘n centre stand en die anner bike nie. Is julle nie bang die stand sink nie? Anyway. Lekker ry en hoop julle sien die coolste goed!

Stunning foto’s! Jy ry goed met een hand, he!

Julle moet julleself mooi oppas en onthou julle is nou in Afrika. Moet dit asb nie onderskat nie - jy ken mos nou al.

Mooi ry en geniet dit!!

Louis van der Watt

Louis van der Watt’s avatar

Was julle bd uitgekerfte tempel/kerk in Petra? Dit is ongelooflik.
En moet julle regtig deur Rwanda gaan??

Soos jy kan sien, kon ek uiteindelik inkom op die site…

laat dit jyyyygggg

Again some fantastic photos :-) Ride safely!

Elisa & Matthias

Elisa & Matthias’s avatar

Gid, looks great!
We´re with You!


Andras & Natalia

Andras & Natalia’s avatar


it was very nice to meet you in Yasser magic place! we wish you the best for the rest of trip.
We will keep on eye on you!

Good luck!

Andras and Natalia

Gideon, hoe en waar en ????????? kry julle dit reg om so in die woestyn die internet te access?????? Baie sterkte. Ek lees gereeld. Retha

O.k. dowwe comment (hier bo)… Gideon, wees veilig my vriend. Gebruik jou Suid-Afrikaanse street smarts en trust your instincts, want Sudan is nie vir sussies nie. Ek weet jy weet, wou net se ek bid vir julle veiligheid in die volgende paar dae.